CSR Hebel Power Panels and Blocks

Hebel or 'AAC' delivers the benefits of traditional masonry such as strength, fire and pest resistance. It also provides superior acoustic and thermal insulation, whilst also allowing projects to be completed quicker due to a more efficient installation method than traditional masonry products. Hebel can be used for External Walls, Party Walls and floors in both a domestic or commercial application.

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Hebel House Products Range

Hebel Commercial Product Range

Hebel Commercial Industrial Wall Systems Design Guide

Hebel Commercial Wall & Floor Panel Systems

Hebel Lowrise Intertenancy Brochure

Hebel PowerFence Brochure

Hebel PowerFloor Brochure

Hebel Powerpanel SP Guide

Hebel PowerPanel Design Guide

Hebel Powerblock Plus



Hebel Highrise External Walls

Hebel Highrise Internal Walls

Hebel Powerpanel SP System

Hebel Service Shaft Walls

Hebel Sound Barrier

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