BGC Duragrid

Duragrid™ gives buildings a modern and extremely durable finish.  9mm Duragrid™ sheeting has a smooth, flat surface and square edge finish which is suitable for expressed jointing and provides a façade suitable for a number of finishes - from painted to textured coatings.

The Duragrid™ façade system:

  • has steel and timber battens available
  • is suitable for residential and light commercial applications
  • is lightweight and highly durable
  • panels will not rot, burn or corrode
  • can be easily decorated in a number of design finishes
  • quick and simple to install using manual nailing or gun nailing or screw fixing

Available Sizes

9mm x 590mm x 2390mm

9mm x 890mm x 1790mm

9mm x 1190mm x 1190mm

9mm x 1190mm x 2390mm

BGC Duragrid Downloads

BGC DURAGRID Light Commercial

BGC DURAGRID Residential


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